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Potential commodities boom: Harmful for income inequality

Mid-year of 2017 which will be marked as mid-term of President Joko ‘Jokowi’, is now around the corner. Jokowi set key developmental targets at the beginning of his administration. One of them is narrowing down income inequality.


Income inequality has declined since President Jokowi took the office. Gini Coefficient, which measures income distribution ranges from zero (perfect equal meaning everyone earns the same income) to one (only one person earns all income in an economy), has fallen from 0.405 to 0.394. Gini Coefficient indicates a declining trend.


Therefore, the follow-up question for that progress is that what makes income inequality narrowing down? There is a tendency that lower commodity prices would lead to narrowing down income inequality.


It is no secret that Indonesia’s economy relies heavily on commodities, for example palm oil, rubber, and natural gas. When the commodity prices boom, Indonesia enjoys relatively massive amount of foreign exchange, and even

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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review - Benefits of Ecovery

You may be wondering how ecovery and using work as a therapeutic tool benefits you. Click on the links below to discover why ecovery helps you "Return to Wellness."




As part of your workers’ compensation claim, you may be entitled to indemnity (wage) benefits. The amount of these benefits is based on regulations made by your state. Some of the things that people don’t consider when they are out of work are that they are not paying income taxes on their wage benefits, as they are not considered income. Not paying taxes sounds like a great thing at first, but consider this, you may end up owing income tax at the end of the year because you are not paying in, you may not be approved for certain loans because your income is decreased significantly. Some loans look at the prior two years of income tax returns to make decisions on credit. You are also not paying in to Social Security which reduces the amount that you will be entitled to when you are at retirement age.

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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review - Value to Employers

How can ecovery add value to your workplace?


1.       Reduce Future Premium Increases


The insurance carrier initially pays for the claim, but the employer may end up paying for it with increased premiums in the future. Offering modified duty reduces claims costs.


2.      Reduce Claims Costs More Than 50%


Return to work (RTW) programs immediately reduce indemnity payments. Not only are lost-time days reduced by 50%[1], but studies show medical costs are also reduced.


3.      Return Injured Workers to their Regular Jobs Faster


In a 2008 study of 184 manufacturing industry workers who sustained rotator cuff injuries, 84% of workers returned to regular duties within 120 days.[2] The authors of the study attribute the return to work rates to the existence of a successful RTW program.


4.      Speed-up Injured Worker Recovery


Using work as therapy helps injured employees recover up to 3 times faster. The sooner a worker is placed on modified duty, the sooner he

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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group History


Educators Alliance Insurance Company (Educators Alliance), a Pennsylvania-based underwriter of workers' compensation insurance, is organized as a joint venture between Eastern Holding Company, Ltd. (Eastern Holding) and Educators Mutual Life Insurance Company.


Educators Alliance develops fronting programs for Pennsylvania-based associations and group consortiums.


Educators Alliance is assigned a B+ (Very Good) financial strength rating from A.M. Best Company - unusual at the time for such a young company.


Eastern Holding acquires Employers Alliance, Inc. (founded in 1983 as Employers Compensation Services) to function as Educators Alliance's claims department, to generate fee-for-services revenue from Pennsylvania's self-insured community of large employers, and to participate in the fronted/captive alternative marketplace.


Eastern Holding successfully negotiates the buyout of its joint venture owner of Educators Alliance and renames the company "Eas

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About Eastern Alliance Insurance Group

We're specialists.


We focus on doing one thing and doing that one thing well: providing superior workers' compensation products and services to businesses and organizations. Since 1997, we have built a strong reputation for being a "best in class" provider of workers' compensation products and services. We've achieved this position by creating supportive relationships and providing our employees and clients with the tools and resources they need to win with integrity.


Service is what sets us apart from the competition.


From the start, clients are assigned a dedicated service team with specialists from underwriting, risk management, claims and marketing. Each team member takes personal responsibility for meeting the needs of our clients. Our collective goal is to increase the insured organization's productivity and reduce their workers' compensation costs.


We're not your typical insurance company.


We've broken the dated mold of other insurance companies by looking be

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Japan’s CyberSecurity Upgrade — Too Little, Too Late?

The Internet facilitates rapid data-sharing and increased communication between individuals, firms and government entities. This generates significant risks but, for most of the 2000s, Japan did not take commensurate countermeasures. The complacent attitude toward information technology security has persisted in Japan too long due to a combination of ignorance, wishful thinking and the belief that cybersecurity is only a cost, rather than a prudent investment.


It doesn’t get any more embarrassing than the discovery that the Wi-Fi network at the lodging for reporters covering the G-7 Ise-Shima summit was tampered with and can infect users’ computers with a virus that has been traced back to Russia. Government officials maintain, however, that strict cyber-terrorism measures have been implemented at the summit venues to prevent any such problems. Well, that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.


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