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See Rituals of Umrah in British Women Marriage

posted by Shayan on Jun 19, 2017
tags: During Umrah Culture and Religion Islam

When the Muslims migrate to the Non-Muslim countries they start adopting their culture and rituals. That culture starts influencing their daily routines and then ultimately starts having an effect on their marriages as well. It is human nature that he is attracted towards the things from which he is stopped. If a Muslims is stopped from adopting the culture of west, he will be more fascinated to it. When we see the Muslim community living in UK who are looking cheapest hajj packages, we see that their marriages are quite bold. Although some Muslims still do the marriages in pure Islamic way but sadly, the majority of them have started to follow the western culture. The bridal wears are made in such a way that they expose the body parts. The food contain western dishes. Songs and dances are done in the western way as well.

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